Ghosthack is offering two of its latest Cinematic Essentials series sample packs at discounts of up to 88% off for a limited time.

On sale for just 3 EUR (regular 24.95 EUR), the royalty free Cinematic Essentials – Percussion Loops delivers a hard-hitting collection of percussion loops that bring immediate intensity and liveliness to any moment.

Featuring a wide range of orchestral and battery percussion instruments, there are 101 full-mix and high-end topper loops to explore. Combine them in different ways to unlock unexpected grooves.

Expect beats that are delivered in a big, open space and on the intense side of the spectrum. There is no digital or synthetic sound design in this pack, just sticks hitting skins, wood and metal. All of the loops are very structured and straightforward. This one is all about the impact of an in-your-face drum ensemble.

The new Cinematic Essentials – Swells pack delivers 100 tonal and atonal sound design elements that add instant interest and tension to your projects.

Highlight an important moment in a conversation, transition between scenes, accent a dramatic turn of events… Swells can do so much to help shape and augment the audience’s perspective and emotional engagement.

Swells also create natural opportunities for other elements in the soundscape to co-mingle with something new, and change in a small window of time. This sudden injection of interesting sound can completely transform timbre, mood and conjure feelings of increased anticipation. In other words, swells can help you make moments more immersive.

The Swells pack is on sale for only 7 EUR for a limited time (regular 24.95 EUR).

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