Cinematique Instruments has announced it is continuing its Clearing Out 2012 with Cement 2, a sequencer based pattern generator which is well suitable to enrich your music production and lend it a specific character.

Cement 2 features 1 complex patch with a 16 step on-board sequencer for Kontakt.

As the name suggests you can easily create cementing textures, crawling patterns or a fundament for your musical idea. Cement 2 has the same instrument structure as Cement 1, but is filled up with three complete different sounds.

Cement 2 comes up with three layered instruments which can create numerous sound colors. The instruments are:

  • a Muted Baritone Ukulele (2 Round Robin)
  • Electric Guitar Harmonics (2 Round Robin)
  • Marimba

For changing the entire sound character, Cement 2 provides plenty of options to modify the sound to your very own requirements: lowpass- and highpass filter (with a random high pass modulator), distortion- and speaker switches, separate length settings and separate slider to set the amount of two delays and a reverb.

Cement 2 runs in stand alone mode as well as in-sync to your host application. Just easily click on the 16th note of your choice to play the sound – a second click increases the velocity level – a third click removes the note, then click on the note symbol to change its pitch. That´s it!

Cement 2 is available to purchase for 22 EUR. A bundle with Cement is 27 EUR.

More information: Cinematique Instruments