Cinematique Instruments has announced the release of Odd Mallets, the first instrument in series of Gecko sound libraries.

Cinematique Instruments Gecko Odd Mallets

Cinematique Instruments Gecko – Odd Mallets

Gecko is a novel instrument concept for Kontakt, which gives you the ability to compose quickly almost endless variations of a special instrument category such as “Strings”, “Mallets”, “Environs or “Percussion” etc. The principle of Gecko is the simultaneous use of up to 6 loadable sound-slots – each of them can be loaded with up to 20 well-prepared sound-sources which comes from the entire Cinematique Instruments Library enriched by several new sound-creations. There exists 7 Geckos, which are: CHEAP KEYS, ODD MALLETS, METAL STRINGS, EERIE TEXTURES, COMPLEX ENVIRONS, WARM PADS.


Further infos: Gecko is very easy to work with. You just load one of the sound-sources into one of the six slots – you can play all 6 sounds-sources at the same time – set the volume and the pan separately of each sound-slot . This means you’ve got a matrix of for example 20 x 6 sounds which makes a theoretically amount about 100.000 variations arithmetically speaking! Beside this you can adjust the global sound of the whole instrument by using different kind of filters, reverb and speaker simulation. All in all you’ve got endless options!
For people who likes just to play around there are more than teem interesting and impressive preset variations. For those who wants to get inspired of the uncountable variations or are just curious about the enormous possibilities Gekko provides a “Randomize!” function which sets all(!) parameters by using a true random generator. Awesome.

The Geckos are available to purchase for 33 EUR each, or 175 for the bundle of all 7 Geckos. (Prices excl. VAT)

More information: Cinematique Instruments