Cinetools has launched a new volume of sound design cues with Apex 2, a Trailer Cues series sample library for any kind of trailer project, movie, game, TV promos or advertising.

The library features 10 full trailer cues, alternative versions and 45 stems.

Cinetools Apex 2

This mind-bending library contains a great amount of tension builder uplifting sound design cues perfect for your upcoming TV promos or movie trailers. Perfect for thrilling horror projects to majestic uplifting themes, hybrid action scenes to aggressive and twisted tracks, modern fantasy and beyond. Includes 10 hard hitting trailer cues features cutting-edge sound design with nail-biting suspenseful atmospheres, heart-pounding drums, ominous stings, aggressive hits, pounding percussions, shocking slams, heavy transitions and a selection of tense powerful actions – all are ready to give you climactic moments!

You can expect to find here with 664MB of material spread over 10 Full Mix, 10 Alternative Mix + 45 Stems. In detail this pack includes, 10 trailer cues of combined Hits, Booms, Pulses, Atmospheres, Whooshes, Drums and Transitions broken out in individual track stems. So you can use them on their own or mix and match key elements from different projects for brand new exciting ideas.

All sounds are tempo labeled for flexibility and delivered in industry-standard 24bit / 96kHz to ensure the highest quality for today’s cinematic production needs. So what we can say, this series will give you freedom to create instant movie trailers like a PRO in a seconds! Crank up the power of your next project with us!

Apex 2 is available from Loopmasters for £24.95 GBP.

More information: Cinetools