ModeAudio has launched the Bulb sample pack, a collection of analog drum sounds, including deep, potent kicks, crackling snares, taught percussion, overheated cymbals, rustling shakers, and more.

There’s nothing quite like the grit and crunch of analog gear, with those classic drum machines delivering a warm, worn character to counterbalance the brilliance and sheen of modern synths – introducing our latest dose of analog percussive inspiration, the illuminating Bulb – Analog Drum Samples!

We’ve scoured circuit boards and cranked amplifiers to bring you this royalty-free collection of 352 powerful, vintage-tinged electronic drum samples, laced in sizzling saturation and transistor fizzle.

Bulb features

  • 72 Kick Samples.
  • 72 Snare Samples.
  • 96 Hi Hat Samples (Closed & Open).
  • 48 Clap Samples.
  • 20 Shaker Samples.
  • 12 Percussion Samples.
  • 32 Cymbal Samples (Crashes & Rides).
  • 12 Drum Kit Sampler Patches.
  • 5 Channel Strip Settings.

The sample pack costs £18 GBP. For a limited time you can save 30% off in the Holiday Sale.

More information: ModeAudio