Igor Vasiliev has announced an update to the Classic FX app for iOS, a complete sound effects processor and a mono to stereo enhancer with equalizer, effects and reverb.

Version 2.2 comes with new LFO options and 6 new processing algorithms, bringing the total to 22 unique processing algorithms and 40 different presets.

In this update a new LFO option has been added for automating morphing between the two effect slots A and B. Now you have three linked LFOs to create more complex waveforms to modify the morphing. Or you can use one LFO for simple automation. Each LFO has two ranges, fast and slow and two types of waveforms. You can set the LFO frequency in beats synchronized with the main BPM, or in seconds. Also you can see the final waveform of all the LFOs on a graph at different scales.

This update brings six new processing algorithms based on reverse delay, saturation and distortion. These new algorithms Back Talk, Bitcrusher, Oversaturate, Gated Echo, Gated Reverse and Shining will give a completely new sound to any instrument or voice, from soft saturation and ambient fuzziness to sharp and hard overdrives and bit reduction.

Classic FX for iOS/AUv3 is available from the App Store for $12.99 USD.

More information: Motion Soundscape