Integraudio has announced the release of another audio plugin in collaboration with Sixth Sample.

A multipurpose tool for your mixing needs, Clips reduces the peaks on individual drum tracks with hardly any artifact. Oversampling (2x) ensures that no noticeable aliasing occurs while driving the gain.

As you might have noticed, you can switch between three modes: clip, compressor, and gate. In the clip mode, Clips does its primary task of clipping. You can change the threshold of the clipper by dragging the vertical slider on the left of the clipper’s graphical representation. The threshold changes the level at which the clipper starts working. It works similarly for the compressor and the gate.

A single knob labeled Transient allows you to easily control the peaks of your audio. For example, turn it to the right to make your audio snappier, which is excellent for adding intelligibility to vocals and making drums punchier.

Clips processes both the left and right channels together. However, it allows you to turn the L/R knob to change which channel it processes more. Adding two Clips on your track and assigning one clipper per channel allows you to process two channels individually. Similarly, Clips allows you to process the mid and side channels too.

Available in VST3 and AU plugin formats, Clips is on sale for the intro price of $19.99 USD for a limited time (regular $29.99 USD). A free trial version can be downloaded from the product page.

More information: Integraudio