Sound Dust has released Cloud Bass, a new hybrid sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Sound Dust Cloud Bass

The library offers unheard sounds such as low raspy rumbling, cinematic thuds and booms, delicate whispy swarms and more.

Like the other members of the Cloud family (see Cloud Viola and Cloud Cello) Cloud Bass is made by ditching the conventional bow in favour of a ridiculous system of springs and pulleys that drag coarse industrial grade garden twine over the strings of the double bass to create a long, slowly distressed new bowing articulation.

Recorded with different microphone techniques and mixed with more conventional double bass articulations and a selection of multi sampled analogue sub bass waveforms, Cloud Bass is a very different beast to the usual orchestral or jazz double bass sample libraries.

The instrument comes with 60 snapshots and 2GB of 24-bit samples.

Cloud Bass for Kontakt 5.6.8 or higher is on sale at 20% off until November 13th. Regular price £35 GBP.

More information: Sound Dust / Cloud Bass