The Finnish start up and Abbey Road Red music-tech incubation program graduate, has been running an offer for any producers to try out its new CloudBounce 2.0 online mastering engine.

However, the offer to receive three free masters runs out at the end of April, so CloudBounce urge all producers to test out their service NOW and hear the difference.

CloudBounce launched their upgraded, automated online mastering engine, CloudBounce 2.0 at the start of April, with the confident assertation that it is the world’s fastest, most versatile and professional automated mastering service currently available. Throughout April CloudBounce have offered three free masters for any producer to try out their service, by visiting and want to highlight this offer once again. CloudBounce 2.0 uses AI and machine learning to analyse the characteristics of audio files and is so advanced it can identify the subtle nuances required by different genres before applying the correct level of context-based, digital signal processing. In effect, it listens to each individual track then makes a decision on how to master it to a professional level.

CloudBounce 2.0 is a big step forwards in automated mastering. Its high quality / low cost approach, is changing the way audio producers use mastering, allowing them to integrate it into their creative flow. They can fine tune productions as they go, using CloudBounce to produce high quality masters within minutes, for reference purposes. They can master individual parts during the production process, improving and changing sounds. They can immediately deliver high quality demo’s and commercially ready material. CloudBounce offers unrivalled sound quality and the most versatile range of hi-res mastering options available. To hear for yourself, you can find a comparative analysis of the new CloudBounce 2.0 mastering engine against other available options.

The team in Finland is passionate about producing music and want producers to experiment with their mastering service to see exactly how it can benefit them as part of their creative process. So, CloudBounce ask all producers to go to and get three free masters before this offer runs out at the end of April. Try out different genres, or try out different mastering variations of the same track and see what difference it can make. Master your demo’s and give them new life and that all important finishing touch.

Sign up today to get $15 USD (3 masters) worth of credit automatically.

More information: CloudBounce