Cluster Sound has announced the release of Minimal Darq, Minimal Torsion & Micromal GBox, three new sample libraries.

During their absence Cluster Sound guys have worked hard on three new download libraries (Minimal Darq, Minimal Torsion and Micromal Gbox) designed for Minimal and Tech-based music productions.

Cluster Sound Minimal Darq, Minimal Torsion & Micromal GBox

New Cluster Sound titles

  • Minimal Darq is a sound pack specifically designed for Minimal productions. The library consists of 600 Mb of worldclass construction loops, synth sequences, dark spacepads, glitch & grain loops, spectral voices, unusual percusive patterns and much more. The single loops are built around intelligent structures so that you can change the genre of your track simply by combining the loops from the different categories. The sound results can range from dark minimal to punchy electro or micro-tech, always characterized by an introspective, stylish and incisive mood.
  • Minimal Torsion a sound collection designed for Minimal music and based on various distorsion and saturation techniques. The library consists of 560 Mb of worldclass quality construction loops, broken synth sequences, different kind of micro distorted percussive loops, grained low-freq loops, digital and analog noises, Moog Sonic 6 loops and much more. All the included material is obtained by analog and DSP sources, distorsions and filters but they never sound rough or rude. All the loops can be easily arranged to create very minimal or complex tracks and will guarantees a massive impact to your productions.
  • Micromal GBox is a sample-based drum instrument created by combining various Ableton plugins/effects and which turns Live into a powerful and extremely flexible groovebox. The LivePack consists of 150 instrument presets, 30 Live Clips, 30 MIDI loops and 315 worldclass WAV samples organized in 8 drum categories: Kick, Snare, Low Beat, Synth, Glitch, Percussion, Hi Freqency, and Hhat.

Minimal Darq and Minimal Torsion are available for 19.95 EUR each, while Micromal GBox is priced at 14.95 EUR.

More information: Cluster Sound / Minimal Darq / Minimal Torsion / Micromal GBox