Cluster Sound SONIX

Cluster Sound has announced the release of SONIX, a multi-sample Live Pack based on the Moog Sonic Six, a rare and obscure analog monster from the early ’70s.

The Sonic Six sounds rough, aggressive, overwhelming and different from any other Moog synths. This is mainly due to some modulation capabilities not found in other non-modular Moogs. This obscure synthesizer implemented a diode ladder filter, a Ring Modulator, a Noise Generator, two discrete oscillators and two independent LFOs with separate rates and waveforms. The LFOs can be affected by the envelope generator and mixed into each other, allowing extensive and unusual modulation possibilities.

Sonix is based on 80 multi-sample recordings obtained by capturing 32 VCO combinations and 48 multi LFO settings. The recorded material is delivered through 144 Instrument Racks that range from rough leads to unusual polyrhythmic effects, ring modulated synths and exotic drilling sounds. Sonix contains also 800 Multi-Clips (multi-sample notes available as tuned audio clips) that allow to play 16 of the 48 LFO settings in sync with your track.

SONIX for Ableton Live is available to purchase for 29 EUR.

More information: Cluster Sound