Industrial Strength Samples has released Concrete Noise, a sample pack that is sure to twist your ear drums like never before.

The pack includes heavy noise samples, drones, and really harsh sounds which can be used in Hardcore, Drum n Bass and Experimental Music.

Industrial Strength Samples Concrete Noise

Concrete Noise is geared up and ready for sound designers in need of totally noise induced samples. Each sound was created from the ground up using a slew of analog gear, distortion pedals and digital processing to insure you have thee most unique and usable samples for your next endeavor.

This pack is perfect for films, games and of course hard edge electronic music. These incredible sound effects are ear shattering no doubt about it. We know a thing or two about hard electronic music. This collection is for the head strong.

Concrete Noise features

  • 1.05 GB content, total of 225 samples.
  • 10 Noise Shots.
  • 15 Noise SFX.
  • 20 Noise Fx.
  • 40 Noise Loops.
  • 50 Long Noise Samples.
  • 90 Drones.

Concrete Noise is available for £9.95 GBP.

Also released is Modern House, a collection of dark textures, snips, tight drums, lo-fi filter segments, grooving basslines, pads and kicking top loops.

Industrial Strength Samples Modern House

Instead of copying the many styles of House Music, we embarked on a new super tight take on Modern House. Gather what we love about House Music and giving a new set of audio tools to really inspire forward thinking producers.

This new collection was made from the ground up to provide you with extremely usable audio for various styles now and to come. This take on Modern House offers up loads of our inspirational Loop Kits and Percussion Loop Kits.

Modern House features

  • 880 MB content, total of 541 samples in 24-bit quality.
  • 30 Loop Kits with 357 samples.
  • 20 Top Loop Kits with 84 samples.
  • 100 Additional top loops.

Modern House is available from Loopmasters for £17.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters / Industrial Strength Samples