Cong Burn has launched a major update to its all-in-one, cross platform MIDI sequencer. Version 3.9 takes Strokes to a fully fledged, self contained instrument/groovebox featuring 8 samplers, a reverb, and delay.

Strokes generates rhythms and modulation that bring new life to your software and hardware instruments and effects. Strokes allows you to create entire arrangements with endless variety and complex interactions between devices either as a standalone application or from within a host such as AUM or Audiobus.

The sequencer is deeply integrated with the samplers, with each sampler featuring:

  • Amp attack/decay.
  • Adjustable start/end & loop (drag top/bottom half of waveform).
  • Root note (for tuning the sample).
  • Multi mode filter lp/bp/hp.
  • Delay & reverb sends.
  • 4 modulation lanes hooked up to the sequencer.

In addition to the new sampler features, there’s Ableton Link integration, cross-platform project sharing and a bundled factory sample pack with over 100 sounds captured from a Machinedrum, Monomachine and Nord Drum 2.

Strokes is available now on Windows and Mac (VST3/AU and standalone), priced £35 GBP. The iOS/AUv3 version is £19.99 GBP, and a cross platform bundle is available for £40 GBP.

More information: Cong Burn