CONNECT:D Audio has launched its new sample pack Limitless Electronica, a collection of sounds infused with elements of House, Garage, Future Bass and RnB, pushing the boundaries of modern electronic music.

CONNECTD Audio Limitless Electronica

The pack comprises over 100 loops and 100 one-shots, including twisted vocal chops, morphed melodics, modulating basses, and dance-inducing grooves guaranteed to make you bop.

The drum loops in this pack provide a great foundation for any track you want to create. All at 130BPM you will have the option of upbeat garage & house rhythms as well as funky half time beats perfect for the drop. As well as being individually manipulated to give them their own character, they seamlessly flow together, giving you lots of options when you feel like switching up the groove. Each loop has been intricately developed to provide an energetic and contemporary sound perfect to push your tracks to the next level!

We are proud to present a range of essential bass loops including thumping 808s, dark modulating riffs and warping arps – all of which work in tandem with the drums and melodics in the pack. These have been specifically engineered and transformed with LFOs and modulation to make them stand out. As always, we provide a range of one shots to resample and evolve your ideas.

An impressive mix of melodics will also be found in this pack; pulsating leads, ethereal atmospheric synth riffs, throbbing arpeggiators, and seductive pads. The one shots provided are interesting and can be easily mixed in, pitched, filtered and processed to create something fresh and exciting. Alongside these melodics come the real stand-out of the pack – the vocal chops. You will have no problem finding ways to use these. There are a number of different vocal tones to work your way through and they fit with the melodics beautifully like a musical jigsaw. You can harness the power of these chops either as the hook in your next production or a wonderfully vibrant background texture.

The pack includes:

  • 24 Synth Loops.
  • 20 Drum Loops.
  • 18 Vocal Fx Loops.
  • 15 Bass Loops.
  • 24 Drum Hits.
  • 20 Synth Hits.
  • 18 Bass Hits.
  • 12 Vocals.
  • 6 Fx.
  • 55 Soft Sampler Patches.

Limitless Electronica is available from Loopmasters for £14.95 GBP.

More information: CONNECT:D Audio