Constructs of Time has announced the release of a polyphonic synthesizer instrument for the free Kontakt Player by Native Instruments.

Housed in a clean and minimal interface that makes sound design fast and intuitive, Gradient aims to capture the raw and organic sound of analog.

A Eurorack modular system and a modified Arp Avatar are deeply multi-sampled to create powerful mono and wide stereo sound sources. Think tube-saturated sine waves, chorused saw waves, noisy pulse width modulation and powerful ring modulation. Gradient’s filters, modulation sources and effects further shape the sound.

The clean and minimal interface makes sound design fast and intuitive. All controls are carefully selected and calibrated, resulting in a big sweet spot.

Gradient comes with 190+ production-ready presets, covering from cinematic pads to deep basses and punchy stabs. NKS compatibility provides a seamless hardware experience. The controls are tailored to each preset for an optimal hands-on feel.

Gradient is available to purchase for 75 EUR excl. VAT.

More information: Constructs of Time