Following the British Drama Toolkit, Spitfire Audio has once again teamed up British composer, producer, and songwriter Samuel Sim, whose scores for film and television have won numerous awards and accolades including BAFTA and Ivor Novello Award nominations.

With Contemporary Drama Toolkit they bring more electronic dynamism and texture that is perfectly suited to today’s modern drama score. The carefully curated set of tools is designed to allow you to create a score in an instant using only one of 44 different combination patches that bring together classic and broadcast-ready sounds.

Much like the massively successful British Drama Toolkit, CDT’s sound palette is thoughtfully curated. Originating in a masterful blending of its source material — mellow, chorus tones of a Juno 6, iconic MS–20 textures, vocalisations, and inspiring lead lines performed on guitar, electric cello, and electric violin — all processed via an enviable collection of analog effects, vintage pedals, and Eurorack modules. Everything from whispered textures and bold melodies blossom from the simplest variance in playing, unlocking a world of sound in every patch.

Contemporary Drama Toolkit for Kontakt and the free Kontakt Player is available for a time-limited introductory promo price of £129 GBP or 149 USD/EUR until February 11th, 2021. Owners of British Drama Toolkit can crossgrade for £109 GBP or 129 USD/EUR during the intro period.

The Drama Toolkit Collection bundle comprising both libraries is also available at a discounted price.