CoolSoft VirtualMIDISynth

Coolsoft has updated its VirtualMIDISynth software to version 1.4.0, adding support for 64-bit MIDI client applications.

VirtualMIDISynth is a software MIDI synthesizer implemented as a Windows multimedia user driver, accessible as a standard MIDI Out device.

It works on Windows XP / Vista / 7 (both x86 and x64), and is based on the great BASS library from un4seen.

Changes in VirtualMIDISynth v1.4.0

  • Drive
    • New: Added support for 64bit MIDI client applications (on 64bit OS).
    • New: Better compatibility with BASS based MIDI clients, like Karafun and Synthesia.
    • New: Default systray context menu item is now mixer which can be opened by double clicking icon.
    • Fix: Increased sound buffer efficiency and better threads management.
  • Configurator
    • New: Rewritten configurator with a new tabbed interface; now it could contain the new options in a more clean GUI.
    • New: Lot of new settings added:
      • “advanced” settings to reduce CPU requirements disabling some features (like effects, polyphony, …).
      • output audio device selection.
      • automatically open MIDI Mixer while playing.
      • raise MIDI player process priority to “High priority”.
      • enabling audio hardware mixing.
      • audio output buffer size (default 250ms).
    • New: Option to preload the whole soundfont file into memory before play (enabled by default). It increases the required memory and adds a small delay at start, but also gives a smoothest play because samples are already available in memory.
    • New: Horizontal scrollbar into soundfont list to allow reading long filenames.
  • Mixer
    • New: Better loking mixer VUMeter bar, it now appears like a LED stripe.
    • New: Mixer level meter now shows the running average of output level instead of the instant value, making it more realistic and “analogic”.
    • New: Increased channel name font size and enabled cleartype drawing.

VirtualMIDISynth is available to download as freeware for Windows.

More information: VirtualMIDISynth