Crysonic CryEverything Bundle

Crysonic has announced a limited time promotional offer on its CryEverything Bundle, a collection of effect plug-ins.

Crysonic today have Started their No-Brainer Deal of the Century sale which will go on until the 26th of May 2010. Here is the Deal… Until the 26th of May the CryEverything Bundle comprising of 7 Audio DSP Plug-ins such as the new released Spectralive NXT V3.5, SINDO V3.5 and other Plus two Bonus Plug-ins Valued Over $706 for Only $60. Which is a 93% saving. The No-Brainer Deal of the Century ends on the 26th of May 2010.

The CryEverything NO-BRAINER BUNDLE DEAL + 2 Bonus Plug-ins include the following; Spectralive NXT V3.5, SINDO V3.5, nXtasy V3, newB V2, SpectraPhy Pro, SpectraPhy LE, Spectra C1 and two BONUS PLUGINS Cry’Q and Spectra’Q

Four of the plug-ins in the bundle are available for both PC and Mac the others are PC Only (Mac OS versions will be free upgrades when they are released). The No-Brainer Bundle Deal can now be purchased from the Crysonic website until the 26th of May 2010