Roland Kuit SoundLab

Roland Kuit has recently released SoundLab, an interactive e-Book for the Clavia G2 virtual modular synthesizer.

SoundLab chapters

  • Basic I: Basics of the electronic studio: Oscillators , Waveforms, LFO´s, ADSR´s, filters, building a basic synth, building famous synths like the Mini Moog, Korg MS 20, ARP 2600, EMS Synthi with video and sound of the real thing.
  • Basic II: Additive synthesis: Sync, Vosim, Formant synthesis, FM synthesis, Phase Distortion, Cross modulation, Wavetable synthesis, Physical modelling, Phase-lock synthesis, Wave terrain synthesis, Granular synthesis.
  • Amplitude modulation: Side bands, Tremolo effect, Echo effect, Complex circuits, RM and filtering, RM and feedback, Control signals and RM, RM and gating.
  • Sample & Hold: Pitch modulation, Filter modulation, Panorama modulation, Gate modulation, Complex circuits, Audio sync.
  • Audio processing: Reverbs, echo’s clipping, distortion etc., Complex circuits, Famous audio processors.
  • House/Techno I: Sequencers and pattern generators, Phase difference, Sound design.
  • House/Techno II: Pitch and rhythm, Humanizing, Grooves, Complex circuits, Glitch, IDM, Famous machines.
  • Experimental music: Random, Minimal, Conceptual, Political, Feedback, Noise and screack machines, Drones, Music machines.
  • Logic: On-off modules, Not on-off modules, Complex circuits.
  • Tips & Tricks: Other circuits.
  • History of Electronic Music and Instruments: From 1950-2010 (first experiments, music, audio art), Electronic instruments, software and studio’s.

The SoundLab e-Book is available to purchase for 49.50 EUR excl. shipping.

More information: Roland Kuit