Cut Through Recordings has announced version 2.0 of its M4 Multiband Compressor, a compressor effect plugin designed to be the ultimate mixing and mastering tool.

This compressor has 3 user-controlled crossovers resulting in 4 bands that can be as wide or as narrow as you desire. The unique display for M4 shows all of 4 bands together, each with a specialty meter to show threshold, peak level, and gain reduction for the respective band in realtime. All 4 bands are completely in your control by allowing attack time, release time, threshold, ratio, and makeup gain to be set. M4 also has optional auto-makeup gain as well as internal bypass.

M4 can handle anything from subtle peak control to bus compression, and even mastering. This powerful multiband compressor should feel at home in any producer’s arsenal.

Changes in M4 Multiband Compressor v2

  • Fine-tuned Input/Output meters.
  • Smoother and easier to read meters.
  • Text display of input and output levels.
  • 3 new presets (Soft-Master, 4-Band Limit, and Low-End Control).
  • Compressor gain controls now use dB.
  • Output gain control.
  • Improved auto-gain.
  • Text for frequency-crossovers is easier to read.
  • New handles for frequency crossovers.
  • Compressor ratio now goes up to 100.
  • Improved text for parameter values.

The plugin is available in VST/VST3, AU and LV2 formats for Windows, Mac and Linux. It costs $20 USD.

More information: Cut Through Recordings