Dance Music Production has launched Sessions: Xfer Serum, a new tutorial video on the Serum wavetable synthesizer by Xfer Records.

Dance Music Production Sessions Xfer Serum

As a producer, knowledge and understanding of your tools is essential to make music quickly, and not get frustrated.

Coming in at just over 6.5 hours of video tutorials, you will dive deep into Serum and leave no stone unturned. Everything is covered from the oscillators to making wavetables. Modulators to filters & FX. Tips. Tricks. Little known functions.

You will become an expert in Serum. Imagine not having to fumble through presets. Haphazardly changing parameters. Hoping to find a killer sound. Imagine knowing what each function inside of Serum does, and what effect it will have on the sound. How will that improve your workflow?

Sessions: Xfer Serum is available for purchase for £19.95 GBP. A bundle with the Synthesis in Sound Design tutorial is £54.95 GBP.

More information: Dance Music Production / Sessions: Xfer Serum