Daniel Stawczyk Verge

Daniel Stawczyk has announced the release of Verge, a collection of 500 presets for V-Station by Novation.

“Verge” is a set of 5 soundbanks (100 presets each) with carefully designed patches for ambient, trance, electro and techno enthusiasts.

Verge features

  • 100 special effects.
  • 100 inspiring arpeggiators
  • 100 synthesizer patches
  • Soft and hard leads (48), keyboards (21), organ patches (17), bell patches (14),
  • Drum sounds (57 patches- including over 15 drum loops), basses (30), and pads (13).
  • Clearly named categories let the user browse through all the presets easily and when running several instances of V-Station software work on their music just like that.
  • All the presets have modwheel and aftertouch mapped.
  • The presets in the banks are additionally in midi format (individual and banks) as they are also received by K-Station, KS4/5/R, A-Station and Xio-Synth.

Verge is available for purchase as a download for $30 USD.

More information: Daniel Stawczyk