Opulent Audio bLO-FIsh

Opulent Audio has announced that bLO-FIsh, Tenacity and DirtyGirl, three VST instrument plug-ins for Windows, are now available for free.

Recently, I’ve decided to release everything for free. This includes any upcoming releases as well!

For bLO-FIsh and Tenacity, you will find the serial number info in their zip files. DirtyGirl doesn’t need one.

Opulent Audio plug-ins

  • bLO-FIsh is a 3 Oscillator LO-FI synth. Not an emulation of any particular “chip”, bLO-FIsh incorporates classic chip-type (8 bit, video game, etc.) sounds with traditional analog synth elements.
  • Tenacity is a “2 Osc Monster synth”.
  • DirtyGirl is a VA/FM/Granular Synth with a dirty sound. 2 Oscillators with standard waveforms, 2 VC Filters, arpeggiator, a ‘dirt’ module, synced granulator, and reverb. Modulation available from contour input and LFO with 20 waveforms.

The instruments are available as freeware VST plug-ins for Windows PC.

More information: Opulent Audio