Isotonik Studios has announced the release of a reverb impulse response library by Performodule.

Ranging from minimal ambiences to vastly huge spaces, the DankVerb IRs were created by capturing “snapshots” of complex, parallel effect chains.

DankVerb is a collection of 150 luscious reverbs suitable for post-apocalyptic sound design.

These are not meant for happy, pristine spaces, but rather for pouring on vibe and character with blatant (or subtle) dosages of rich, gritty dankness. These reverbs are meant for dirty places. Dark places. Scary places. Places you know you shouldn’t go, but something inside compels you to.

DankVerb is available for £24 GBP / 27.99 EUR / $30.99 USD.

MPE Arpeggiator for Max for Live

Ableton Live Certified Trainer Mark Tower fell in love with the new MPE feature of Live 11. He created something unique with it: Arpex, an expressive arpeggiator Max for Live device.

It works just like a regular arpeggiator with the addition of MPEfunctionality.

Incoming MPE slide and pressure data is used to control the octave transposition and note duration for each individual note.

This means by sliding or applying more pressure to each note, exciting new variations of the arpeggiated pattern can be played, in real-time.

Arpex is offered as a free download until March 23rd, 2021.