Danyella Sylenth Complete Series

Danyella has announced the release of the Sylenth Complete Series, a collection of patches for the Sylenth1 software synthesizer by Lennar Digital.

Danyella has released the Sylenth Complete Series with everything you need: Mind-blowing Arpeggio and Sequence patches, every bass patch you need for today’s EDM production, an amazing choice of leads, loads of dreamy pads, and a powerful collection of chords and plucks for today’s Trance, Electro, House, Techno and Ambient productions – with the occasional Dubstep sound in there, too!

If you are looking for the ultimate, complete package of new, innovative sounds then you can get the whole bundle of 264 sounds for a huge discount on her website, or buy the individual volumes in her shop, or on any established sound store online.

The Sylenth Complete Series is available to purchase for 39.90 EUR. Individual Sylenth Complete volumes are 14 EUR each. A collection of 50 free sounds is available to download from the Danyella website.

More information: Danyella / Sylenth Complete Series