Thorsten Meyer has posted a video of the new Dark Matter 2 cinematic Kontakt library by String Audio, capable of creating outstanding textures, atmospheres, drones, soundscapes and pulses.

Applied Acoustics Systems’ Objeq Delay was used to further shape the sounds created by Dark Matter 2.

Dark Matter 2 allows you to generate a variety of different cinematic sounds . Compared to Dark Matter (One) it has added some elements to the interface but still comes with a minimalist look that is easy to use and get’s you results fast that sound good.

Each instrument is composed of six layers and features several GB of sample material, giving you a lot of combinations and sound colors. Use one of the pre-programmed snapshots or use the powerful randomize function to create your own sounds.

You can pick up Dark Matter 2 at the introductory price of $149 USD until June 12th. Dark Matter users can get the new library for just $69 USD during the sale.

More information: String Audio