DarkWare has released PitchSlap, a VST effect plug-in.

From the DarkWare website:

Sick of “crazy effects” that just don’t tickle your ear’s pickle? Tired of glitches, grains, stutters, phasers, spectral twisters, ad nauseum? Well my fellow sonic molestor, have I got a gadget for you! PitchSlap is a new kind of effect, something that’ll take your stale old loops and make them sound neon deluxe! What? Don’t believe me? Sounds like hyperbole? Well then my friend, why not give the demo version’s presets a try? If you don’t like it after that, well, perhaps you’re just jaded past the point of recovery. (There’s always ArcDev for people like you… :)

Visit the DarkWare VST page for a link to download the demo and sound clips. The full version of PitchSlap is available for $10.