de la Mancha Subhuman v3.0

de la Mancha has released version 3.0 of Subhuman, a specialized 2 Osc synth for creating powerful sub bass, either for low down basslines, or sub-bass kick drums and drops.

Subhuman now features a pure sine oscillator for Osc1, which is generated by real-time math to avoid interpolation and give a pure signal.

Additions in Subhuman v3.0

  • Pitch envelope, allows for better kick drum sounds.
  • Contoured graphical envelopes for customising the sounds further.
  • Note-on sync.
  • Waveform display for better visual feedback.
  • Oscillator phase.

With the release of version 3.0, Subhuman is no longer freeware.

de la Mancha writes:

Whilst subhuman used to be freeware, the cost of 3rd party modules contained in it means I need to charge a little to recover my expenses. Don’t worry though, it’s only $8, so it won’t break the bank, even if it might break your windows ;)

Visit de la Mancha for more information and a link to download a demo version of Subhuman.