Time+Space has launched a weekend flash sale on Fractured, the Kontakt Player powered prepared acoustic guitar instrument by Vir2 Instruments.

Vir2 Fractured

If you’re on the hunt for something that’s going to kick start your inspiration, this weekend’s Flash Deal is definitely one to get your hands on. Developed for the free Kontakt Player, Vir2 Fractured presents the acoustic guitar like you’ve never heard before.

Created for both musical use and sound design, this collection of over 100 instrument patches has been produced with creative sampling and manipulation of acoustic guitars.

Fractured features drum kits that were made with mallets, fingernail scrapes, cardboard scrapes and pouring rice over the guitar. You’ll also find long evolving pads, playable and dynamic loops and patterns, multitimbral arpeggiated creations, huge cinematic impacts, gritty electronic drums, gnarly and ethereal melodic instruments plus more super sonic goodness.

Fractured is available for just £45.97 GBP / 54 EUR until Monday.

More information: Time+Space / Vir2 Fractured