The Drum Broker has launched its annual sale, offering a 50% discount on ALL original and ultra rare breaks & percussion for one week only.

The offer includes breaks by Breaks For Days, Shroom Vintage Drum Breaks, J-Zone, International Breaks, Drumetrics and many many more!

Drum Broker Breaks Sale

These are essential drums to chop, flip, and loop.

Break Beats have become an integral part of hip hop production in the last few years and we’re your one stop shop for ORIGINAL and RARE/Hard to find Breaks and Drum Samples. Our Break Libraries are go to collections by your favorite producer (we never disclose who are customers are, but trust us here).

Don’t forget to check out the Breaks For Days collection which is now over 900+ Original Breaks!

Use coupon code BREAKOFF50 at checkout to take advantage of the limited time offer.

More information: The Drum Broker / Break Beats + Drums Sale