Denis Eismann SuperDrumFX

Denis Eismann has released version 1.4 of SuperDrumFX, a freeware software drum sampler, mainly designed for use with an electronic drum set (e-drum).

Changes in SuperDrumFX v1.4

  • New “Pads”-slot has been integrated, 14 different “clickdynamic” pads available.
  • Each drum slot has a “clickdynamic” pad (slot picture), used for drum-sound rehearsal.
  • In the “HH Open”-slot, the “Mix Level HH Close”-controller is integrated. Mixing ratio between “HH Close”-slot and “HH Open”-slot is adjustable.
  • Downgraded SDFX (excluding “FX”-slot) is also available in version 1.4 (SuperDrumFX-Dry v1.4).
  • User manual is revised for version 1.4 and now includes detailed installation instructions. (English user manual is also available).
  • Fixed: The “panning errors” in the “Cymbal 1”-slot, which occurred only in conjunction with the “FX”-slot (Kick), has been solved.

SuperDrumFX is available as a freeware VST instrument plug-in for Windows PC.

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