Denise Audio has announced the release of the second plugin in its series of audio effects designed to be quick and simple-to-use, but also offer an incredibly powerful addition to your mixes.

The New York Compressor is a straightforward NY-style compressor for making percussion loops, beats and drums sound more powerful.

Denise New York Compressor

“Parallel compressing a track sometimes isn’t enough by itself to achieve the heavy, punchy sound associated with this style of compression. My goals was to engineer the compressor by combining specific features to create that recognizable New York compresion sound” says YD Young – Lead DSP developer from Denise.

The plug-in comes with a trick up its sleeve, a continuous RMS-time control.

Usually, compressors will give you the choice between a peak detection and an RMS detection set to a fixed length of 30ms. However, the Denise RMS-time control allows you to easily fine tune the response of the compression and adjust the attack and release settings in an analogue fashion, bringing new dynamics to your productions.

New York Compressor is available for Windows and Mac in VST/VST3 and AU plugin formats. It costs 19 EUR and a free trial version can be downloaded.

More information: Denise Audio