Detunized DTS018 - Hamm and Eggs

Detunized has announced the release of DTS018 – Hamm and Eggs, a new Live Pack featuring the Hammond B2 Organ, Leslie 251, and Trek TP-2B on Eggs.

Hamm and Eggs introduces an advanced emulation of a Hammond B2 organ with retrofitted Trek II TP-2B percussion module.

For maximum flexibility the Live Pack offers two different adaptations: Type A focuses on instant access to more common groups of parameters while Type B has mapped the organs drawbars to distinct macro controls. All registers as well as the percussion module are based on discrete 2-channel sample sets. Channel 1 includes the sound of the organs´ line out while channel 2 provides the sound of a Leslie 251 cabinet. All components and all registers can be mixed on demand.

Furthermore this Live Pack contains four organ-like devices. Their samples are the result of several audio processing steps on tape noises, a passing helicopter and a group of trumpeters performing on Carls Bridge in Praha.

Hamm and Eggs features

  • Instruments: 8 (B2-A, B2-B plus according light versions, Egg 1 -4 ).
  • Key range: A0 to C6.
  • No. of Samples: 401, 24 Bit/44 kHz, looped.
  • Disk space: approx. 95 MB.

Hamm and Eggs is available to purchase for Ableton Live 7 or higher, priced at 4.98 EUR for subscribers or 6.78 EUR as an instant purchase.

More information: Detunized