Detunized has announced the release of Distant Trains, a new sound library that delivers impressive multi-channel recordings of trains that pass by in a distance of at least 300 meters up to 1.5 kilometres.

Detunized Distant Trains

The pack includes sounds of pass bys of freight, commuter and passenger trains, plus single locomotives.

In order to capture the impressive walls of sound caused by passing trains an arrangement of 6 microphones was used. This setup encompasses stereo-pairs of MKH3040-MS, MKH8090-ORTF and MKH8040-WideAB. All pairs are recorded to separate files that are now available as time-aligned Reaper sets.

Each recording session took place at nights so that it was possible to capture extremely long approaches and tails that fade out to natural and calm night ambience without any disturbance by road traffic or other unwanted noises.

Distant Trains features

  • Full size 2×3-channel version: 68 takes, 204 files, 24 Bit, 96 kHz. Stereo pairs of Sennheiser MKH3040-MS, MKH8090-ORTF, MKH8040-WideAB. 21 GB, 200 min total playing time. Includes embedded metadata and ID3 tags amd additional meta-data documents.
  • Light version: 16 files, ORTF-stereo, 24 Bit, 48 kHz. 800 MB, 45 min total playing time. Includes embedded metadata and ID3 tags and additional meta-data documents.
  • Live Pack for Live 8.4 or higher: 17 Instrument Racks. 16 long clips with several possible entry points. 800 MB.

The 6-channel Broadcast WAV HD version costs 45 EUR, while the Broadcast WAV Light and Live Pack are available for 18 EUR each. Prices includes 19% VAT.

More information: Detunized