Detunized Rolfing 3

Detunized has announced the release of Rolfing 3 – Outdoor Piano Body, a new Ableton Live pack.

Rolfing 3 continues a series of Live Packs that source their material from a totally rotten piano. Volume 3 approaches the piano frame at its current place: a suburb garden area.
Since 2009, when the recording sessions for Volume 1 & 2 took place, the piano was exposed to weather nearly unprotected. The laquer got brittle and the strings are covered with rust and dirt. Nevertheless, these piano remains still emit a wonderfull and reverberant sound.

The sounds for Rolfing 3 were recorded chromatically, with an advanced setup of acoustic stereo mics and two pairs of piezo pickups. All samples have been edited by hand to form a comprehensive palette of versatile Ableton Instrument Racks. Inspired by the acoustic field surroundings during the nightly recording sessions a set of independently adjustable nature ambiences was integrated into the Racks. Additionaly, all ambience sounds are contained as separate clips to use in different context if desired.

In a second pass the entire piano was treated by a Jazz Brush. Scraping and hitting the strings and body revealed tons of interesting sounds at the borderline between tonal and acousmatic. These sounds are compiled to 12 additional Instrument Racks.

Rolfing 3 features

  • 17 Instrument Racks.
  • 255 Piano Samples.
  • 312 Brush Samples.
  • 25 Ambience Samples / Clips.
  • 1.8 GB content.

Rolfing 3 for Ableton Live 8.4 or higher is available for the introductory price of 14.90 EUR.

More information: Detunized / Rolfing 3 – Outdoor Piano Body