UVI has launched Digital Synsations Volume 2, a virtual instrument that explores the capabilities and unique character of 3 digital synths from the 90s.

Picking up where Digital Synsations left off, volume 2 delivers 500 powerful new patches across a 3-instrument suite including: DZmo, a very rare “transwave” synth; DK5S, a special synth that layers additive synthesis with PCM sounds; and DS-890, the best of two Japanese sister-synths known for their extraordinarily warm analog-like sounds and incredible versatility.

Dive into the vintage digital timbres of these fierce ’90s machines and explore new sonic territory while tweaking and layering these classic sounds.

Digital Synsations Vol 2 features

  • 3-instrument suite delivers the authentic sounds of vintage digital synths.
  • 528 professionally designed patches push the hardware to their limits.
  • Intuitive UI and modern controls allow exploration of new sonic territory.
  • 18.25GB (FLAC lossless encoding, was 42GB in WAV).
  • Total of 22,322 samples (44.1 kHz quality, recorded at 88.2 kHz).

Digital Synsations 2 for the free UVI Workstation is available at a 33% introductory discount until May 7th, 2017.

More information: UVI