Organic Loops has released a second rolling and transient selection of South American dancefloor percussion treats with its sample pack Disco Latino 2.

With the sound of disco’s roots from the nightclubs of New York blending seamlessly with the salacious grooves of salsa and other Latin styles, this brand new 100% royalty free collection offers you something totally unique yet high in usability.

Over the course of 1.19 GB, Disco Latino 2 brings you a huge array of Latin percussions sounds at tempos most suited to the dancefloor. Caxixis, agogos, tamborims, shakers, blocks, berimbaus, cowbells, ganzas, triangles and whistles are all included and ready for use in your music. Also included is a plethora of combo percussion loops made up from a varied combination of the above!

Also available is Organic World, a beautifully crafted and recorded selection of world music parts on a wide range of instruments, perfect for weaving some cultural expressions into your sonic creations.

Organic World contains over 200MB of gorgeous percussion, instrument loops & one-shots, atmospheres and more, taking artistic influences from all over the globe to bring you a condensed care package of musical inspiration.

You’ll hear sounds from West Africa, China, Latin America, India and more in the form of kalimbas, lutes, swarmandal strings, organs, Rhodes, steel pans, shruti boxes, marimbas, guitars, bass and so much more! You won’t find a better passport to the diverse sounds of the human race than Organic World.

Disco Latino 2 and Organic World are available at Loopmasters, priced £19.95 GBP and £14.95 GBP respectively.