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discoDSP releases Bliss performance sampler v1.0


discoDSP has released version 1.0 of its Bliss performance sampler capable of sampling VST instruments.

discoDSP Bliss 1.0

Bliss is a sampler and VSTi recorder for Audio Units, VST hosts featuring a scalable & themeable GUI, VSTi sampling, 8 automatable Macro controls, dual zero delay feedback filters, sample editor, 7 built-in effects, flexible modulation, parameter morphing and the highest offline resampling quality using 512 points SINC algorithm.

Changes in Bliss v1.0

  • Added factory presets link to http://bliss.discodsp.net in the top menu.
  • Added knob bipolar vales (LFO) to middle instead -100 when switching destinations.
  • Added sample editor CTRL / Command on Mac + left click to add/remove slice points on the sample display.
  • Added static processing bu ers for problematic plugins sampling.
  • Fixed change on midi note option causing considerable lag on edit window.
  • Fixed drag & drop les with capital extension letters not working.
  • Fixed playing cursor freezing of various DAWs when sample edit window is open and samples are being triggered.
  • Fixed putting a loop and then adding a cue point for sample start before the loop not making it play again.
  • Fixed saving program, bank or zones using previous names instead actual one on the dialog box.
  • Fixed SFZ crashes on exporting.
  • Fixed shift+click on LCD arrows changing zone name at LCD but not at sample editor list names.
  • Removed Classic theme.

Bliss for Windows, Mac and Linux is available for purchase for 89 EUR / $99 USD.

More information: discoDSP / Bliss

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