discoDSP has launched Beta 6 of its Bliss sampler/VSTi recorder instrument for Windows, Mac & Linux.

discodsp bliss

We have released Bliss, our new sampler also able to load and host VSTi instruments for multi-sampling them without any quality loss for Mac, Windows and Linux.

Changes in Bliss Beta 6

  • Added multiple zones can be deleted with multiple list box selection.
  • Added outline colour to wheel controls.
  • Added per voice effect on / off send state.
  • Added threshold option for slicing based on transients.
  • Changed the name of glide button from OFF to FREE.
  • Disabled filtering when importing a sample.
  • Disabled send effect level when global effects are shut off.
  • Fixed sample editor getting smaller on every switching.
  • Fixed external sample editor window not being able to drag midi slices.
  • Fixed plugin not updating correctly after a sample freeze.
  • Fixed problems with undo disabled was still working under the hood.
  • Fixed some issue with UTF-8 encoding of strings in some part of the interface.
  • Programs and zones will not have 000 in their name anymore, the number is added automatically.
  • Sample list scrollbar now using theme colour.

Bliss is available at a 50% discount during the beta period (regular price $99 USD / 89 EUR / £59 GBP). Previous customers can download beta 6 at the discoDSP Members Area.

More information: discoDSP / Bliss