Sean Divine has released a collection of mastering presets for the StudioRack plugin chainer by Waves Audio.

Divine Mastering Chains SR uses StudioRack to load complete mastering chains on a single DAW insert, including all internal routings and 8 uniquely programmed “Macro” controls for each preset allowing you to control multiple plugin parameters at the same time with the turn of a knob.

These carefully designed chains provide a powerful all-in-one solution to master your songs quickly and easily in the DAW of your choice – no expensive hardware required. Mastering Chains SR makes the mastering process simple and fun while delivering the next-level, finalized sound your music needs to compete.

The pack is available for purchase for $29 USD. It requires Waves StudioRack (V11/V12), Waves Platinum, Waves SSL 4000, and Waves F6.

More information: Sean Divine