Plugin Boutique has announced an exclusive promotion on two Kontakt instrument libraries from Divergent Audio Group.

GAS is a hybrid Kontakt synthesizer fusing together six-string electric guitars and analogue modular effects. Every sound in the library has been recorded from real guitars ran through a complex sequence of tape machines, effects and pedals. The results are mesmerizing and unlike any sounds heard before.

Helios is an incredibly advanced instrument for Kontakt. Combine two sound sources and rhythmically swap between each sound or create rich evolving soundscapes with gradual modulation. Each channel has an additional 11 individual sequencers which can all be synced to different speeds to control a rich collection of effects in either a pulsed or blendable system.

Starting from £7.95 GBP / $10 USD, the instruments are on sale until May 31st, 2021.

More information: Divergent Audio Group