Plugin Boutique is offering a free copy of Producertech’s Guide to DIY Mastering with any purchase at its online store for a limited time.

PIB Producertech DIY Audio Mastering FREE

The course takes you through the 8 fundamental stages of mastering, starting with an in-depth introduction to the mastering process.

Across the 14 modules, you can expect to learn a wealth of mastering techniques including stereo & spectral balance, dynamic processing, dithering and much more. With immediate access, you can approach the course completely at your own pace, ensuring you fully understand each concept before moving onto the next.

Along with complete access from within your Plugin Boutique User Account, Producer’s Guide to DIY Mastering also comes with an 18-page mastering guide pdf and Ableton Live & Logic Pro X templates, along with trainer Adam Goodlet’s personal mastering chain for use within your own projects.

Regularly £19.95 GBP, a purchase included the course for free through February 2nd, 2020. Any purchase makes you eligible for this offer so make sure to check Plugin Boutique’s current deals.

Note that you cannot use Virtual Cash or 100% off coupon codes to pay for the entire order when claiming your free course.

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