Ugritone has announced the release of three new MIDI drum groove packs in General Midi mapping.

The Crust Punk Essentials MIDI pack features over 90 different beats with fills for Anarcho-Punk, PunkMetal, D-Beat, where the spirit of 1977 meets Black Metal.

There are many ways to describe Crust Punk but regardless what you may want to call it, we all can agree that it’s loud, mean & grimey.

Crust Punk Essentials MIDI Pack offers a selection of beats that are more or less the backbone of this style. It’s like bringing in a drummer who is comfortably drunk to hit hard, groove a little but you don’t have to worry whether he’s going to drink your moonshine while you go take a wizz behind a dumpster between songs.

The Power Metal Essentials collection also includes 90+ beats and fills.

Power Metal Essentials contains all the fast double bass action that inspired a handful of European bands in the late 1980’s to take the New Wave of British Heavy Metal one step further.

Add double-bass, high pitch vocals and screaming guitar solos, and you’ve got Power Metal.

Nu Metal Essentials brings the drum grooves of the Nu Metal genre from the 1990s.

Instead of long hair, leather and spikes; Nu Metal flirted heavily with the Hip-Hop culture.

Nu Metal Essentials is recommended with 7-string guitars, dreadlocks, sportswear, urban graffiti, sports jerseys, turntables, skateboards, bleached hair & baggy jeans.

The MIDI packs are available for $15 USD each, or all three bundle at a discounted price of $25 USD. Prices ex. VAT where applicable.

Use coupon code REKKERD at the checkout to save 20% on your order.

More information: Ugritone