DMG Audio

DMG Audio has announced updates for its EQuality, Compassion, EQuick and PitchFunk effect plug-ins for Windows and Mac.

Most importantly, this is the AAX release!

Also, there are fixes for a few little things, some speedups and improvements, some nips and tucks, some tidying up!

Changes in EQuality v1.18 / Compassion v1.07 / EQuick v1.03 / PitchFunk v1.03

  • AAX version included.
  • Tweaks for stability.
  • VST3 Automation improvements.
  • Mac builds and Installers optimised and signed.
  • Massive optimise for reload of presets.
  • EQuality v1.17->1.18
    • Improve HPFs.
  • EQuick v1.02->1.03
    • Fix click-thru menubar bug.
    • Fix reset-to-previous after resetting to default bug.
    • Recalibrate VU meter.
    • Make graph textboxes usable to engage automation in ProTools.
  • Compassion v1.06->1.07
    • Fix Clip-Limiter denormal issue.
  • PitchFunk v1.02->1.03
    • Fixed rare redraw issue.
    • Improved Loading process.
    • Added pagetable for ProTools automation.

More information: DMG Audio