Do Coat Hangers Sound As Good Monster Cables?


Can you tell the difference between music that passed through a pricey Monster stereo Cable, and a coat hanger?

Monster Cable and Coat HangerMonster Cable or Coat Hanger, does it matter?

The Consumerist has a story about a guy from the Audioholics Home Theater Forum who says his brother ran an experiment on him and four other audio aficionados listening to a new CD from a new group blindfolded.

Guess what happened…

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There is alot of black magic and voodoo going on in the hifi-business and alot of people are earning alot of money with … useless crap.

There is a german website selling a piece of wood supposed to be put under your speakers and which is finished with some sort of magic “klanglack” (soundfinish) which (surprise) makes your music sound simply … amazingly great. Or something like that, the whole website is abit fuzzy.
A pair costs 1960 Euro.

Try babelfish, but I doubt this stuff will make anymore sense when autotranslated.