Samples From Mars has announced its latest sample pack Dr Bohm From Mars, a collection of sounds from the German Dr Bohm and Mini Bohm digital drum machines.

Dr Bohm From Mars

The pack includes 160 Dr Bohm loops, 55 one-shot samples, and 40 MIDI grooves.

The Dr Bohm Digital Drums is a 13 bit, EPROM based drum machine produced in 1982 – ’83. It features 25 different (you guessed it!) digital drum samples that pass through an excellent sounding filter.

The sounds can be punched into the Bohm’s “humanized” internal sequencer, which is groovy beyond belief and makes the Bohm capable of more complex and dynamic drum patterns than other machines of its time. Also, it looks like a typewriter.

Dr Bohm From Mars features

  • 215 24bit WAV Samples (55 one-shots, 160 loops).
  • Drum Hits include: bass drum, snare, snare roll, snare filtered, snare brush, hi hats, rim, clap, congas, bongos, toms, maraca, tambourine, crash, ride, woodblock, clave and cowbell.
  • Factory patterns, fills, custom and stripped patterns loops range from 70 – 128 BPM .
  • Sampled cleanly through an API 1608 console and Apogee Symphony.
  • 40 Ableton Grooves of the Factory Patterns.
  • 40 MIDI clips of the Factory Patterns.
  • 277.6 MB Unzipped.

The sample pack is on sale for $14.50 USD (regular $29 USD). Dr Bohm From Mars is also included in the bundle of all Samples From Mars products, which is currently on sale for only $39 USD.

More information: Samples From Mars