VST Buzz has announced the release of Meld, a Kontakt instrument that features long and evolving pads, drones and soundscapes.

Sound sources for this library include acoustic materials such as drinking glasses, crystal, bells, bottles, chimes, violins, metal bars being bowed, struck, blown and plucked.

MELD is a Kontakt instrument that allows you to combine 4 unique sound sources to create beautiful, evocative, evolving and cinematic drones, textural pads, soundscapes and more.

This sample library is perfect for you if you’re looking for a new and unique sound for your drones, pads, soundscapes – especially perfect for cinematic, underscore, pop and ambient music.

Meld features

  • 4 individual sound sources with 93 different sampled sounds to choose from.
  • XY pad to cross fade between each of the sounds, creating movement and modulation.
  • Individual controls for ADSR, LFO, Filter, ADSR Filter, LFO Filter, ADSR Pitch and LFO Pitch on each sound source.
  • Master FX with delay, reverb, chorus, convolution reverb, saturation, stereo, EQ or compression.
  • Randomize button to create completely new sounds at random for immediate inspiration.
  • 49 convolution reverb samples with pre-delay, IR size and amount options.
  • 1.4GB of space required (700MB for download and 700MB for extraction).
  • 275 Kontakt patches in total.

Meld for Kontakt 5.7.1 or higher (full version) is available for 49 EUR. VST Buzz users can use reward points to purchase the library at a discounted price.

More information: VST Buzz