Dream Audio Tools has launched a Kontakt library featuring a hybrid drum kit recorded and mixed with an authentic indie tone in mind.

Think fat and low-tuned with a raw yet very usable tone, well suited for a wide range of styles, from modern folk-songwriter to rock, funky and even electronica/industrial.

The library features a complete sampled drum kit, recorded and engineered in three different mix configurations: Flat (for using your own processing), Phat (mix has been pumped up to add a fat and bottom enhanced sound) and Saturated (mix has been overdriven to obtain a grungey and industrial tone).

For each three configurations you can mix Close, Overhead and Room microphones, to get your own best balancement, from way “roomy” to extremely dry.

Indie Drums: Phat Boy features

  • Over 2 Gygabites of sampled material (1.1 Gbyte .ncw compressed).
  • Three different mix versions (Flat, Phat and Saturated).
  • Full kits and separate components for each mix version.
  • All samples are 24bit/44.100.
  • Separate mics for each single patch (Close, Overhead and Room).
  • Round-robins for each singe patch.
  • Up to 22 velocities, depending on the Kit part.
  • Low memory usage, Laptop ready.

The library is available for 24.90 EUR. Requires full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 4.2.3 or above.

More information: Dream Audio Tools