Sample Logic has announced the release of its new Kontakt instrument library Drum Fury 2, an extensive collection of over 50 deeply-sampled world drums and found sound percussive instruments.

This second installment picks up the baton of the original Drum Fury and delivers all-new cinematic percussion performances.

Drum Fury 2 features a new Reverse Mode to instantly play each sample in reverse. Also added are master hi-cut and lo-cut filter with LFO modulators to easily shape and morph sounds, and customizable ADSR knobs to adjust the gain envelope over time. Furthermore, a Stretch Mode allow you to access 438 single sample instruments by instantly reassigning any sample to span the entire key range.

The collection features multi-sampled recordings, captured in the highest quality and programmed to perfection. Travel the world with DRUM FURY 2 as this globe-trotting collection takes you to cultures far and wide.

From diverse drum and synth kits to more unusual and rarely-sampled world percussion, this collection delivers hard-hitting sounds, but with the finesse and nuance to complement more delicate compositions.

Like its predecessor, DRUM FURY 2 captures a bold and characterful timbre while sporting a refined intuitive user interface with simplicity at its heart. Get straight to the good stuff without excessive clicking, with a GUI that’s clear and easy to use.

Drum Fury 2 features

  • 51 Kontakt Construction Kit Instruments expandable to 438 chromatic percussive maps.
  • 1.6 GB Sample Content using lossless compression.
  • 3,426 audio samples with round robin playback.
  • MIDI controllable user interface to morph, tweak, and favorite sounds.
  • Edit globally or per-sample.
  • Sample Stretch Mode for remapping individual samples chromatically.
  • Powerful Mastering Tools via Energizer and Polisher.
  • Built for Kontakt Retail 5.8.1, or higher.

The instrument library is available at an introductory price of $69.99 USD until May 3rd, 2021 (regular $199.99 USD). A bundle of both Drum Fury and Drum Fury 2 is on sale for $159.99 USD during the promotion (regular $299 USD).

More information: Sample Logic