Rigid Audio has announced the release of Drum One, a free Kontakt sample library featuring a collection of 64 raw and crunchy synthetic drum kits.

Drum One features individual control over body, hit and noise shapes, comes with modulation envelopes and filters as well as master effects like reverb, saturation and compression. It has a dedicated mix page, a library screen and features full preset randomization.

Drum One features

  • 64 factory drumkits / 64 user kits.
  • 7 drum engines with three sound generators.
  • 4×26 source waveforms per drum engine with Wav file import.
  • Individual control over body, hit and noise shapes.
  • Built-in transient shaper, modulation and filter per drum engine.
  • Master effects like reverb, saturation and “metal”.
  • Realtime retrigger and flam effects.
  • Musical sounding drum and kit randomization.

Drum One is a free download at Rigid Audio. It requires the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt. Make sure to check the list of Kontakt freebies for many more free sample libraries.

More information: Rigid Audio